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Custom Synthesis & Manufacturing

We offer our globally compliant state-of-art facilities along with our chemistry expertise to customers for contract research, development and manufacturing of APIs and advance intermediates. We support global generic pharma companies in their increasing need for stringent quality, regulatory compliant and complex chemistry handling requirements.

With proven capabilities, we provide an end-to-end solution to customers in meeting and exceeding the quality, regulatory and IP requirements. Our capabilities include non-infringing synthetic route selection with respect to patents, processes and analytical validation, optimization and successful scale-up from lab batch to commercial manufacturing.

Our manufacturing units have undergone several EHS, Quality and Sustainability audits by several MNC customers. Our team is committed to simplifying the outsourcing experience while ensuring transparency, accountability and reliability in terms of cost and delivery. We offer both small-scale lab trial quantities and also commercial-scale requirements. Products can be developed and commercially manufactured on an exclusive basis based on a mutually agreeable supply contract.

We are fully committed in maintaining the highest levels of quality, reliability and transparency in order to simplify all aspects of outsourcing with us. With the expertise and experience of our technical team we have a proven track record of timely deliverance of the projects.